Enjoy some of my go-to clean personal care products, supplements & resources to help you in your wellness journey. Some of the links below are affiliate links, which means I may earn a small commission if you love something as much as I do... but I will only EVER recommend products/services I use in my own home and office space. 

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Personal Faves

What does this busy girl love & use everyday? Here’s where you find out!
These are products or services I have tested & loved myself - from my clean beauty holy-grails, to home essentials, to what I’ll never stop reaching for in my closet.

And I'm a HUGE fan of supporting small biz (especially local to SoCal). Those I support create products or have missions that align closely to my own. Cheers & thanks for stopping by!

Clean Cosmetics

Jones Road is a game changer in the non-toxic beauty game. The mascara & Miracle Balm are holy grail items in my daily routine.

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Essential Oils

I love using high quality essential oils to create a calming space in my home and office.

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clean sun care

I love Raw Elements because it meets the highest standards & has the certifications to prove it:  Non-GMO Project Approved, Leaping Bunny Certified, EWG #1 Rated, Natural Products Association Certified, Made in USA.
Try the tinted moisturizer or the lip shimmer!

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Natural Home Care

From dish soap to counter spray these are my go-to's!

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clean Deodorant

I've done ALL the testing for non-toxic deodorant and here's the best by far. Palo Santo is SO good!

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Vitamin C

VitC is essential for optimal cognitive function and collagen production (great for keeping skin young and plump!). This formula provides the most bioavailable VitC for your cells.

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raum goods

Clean Nail polish

Lola Jane skincare

Beautiful handmade grounding shoes. Featuring a natural foot shape & zero-drop sole for the ultimate grounded barefoot shoe.

Ani Michele makes gorgeous long lasting polish formulated without nasty chemicals! A small biz here in SoCal!

Effective, minimalist, botanical products made in sunny San Diego. The facial cleansing oil is divine!

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Sourdough kit

Azara Beauty

RCA skincare

Healing, healthy beauty. Products are made with healthy fats, organic plant based ingredients & minerals to nourish skin. Use code: SOCALWELLNESS for 15% off!

Sourdough is an incredible source of probiotics and just plain fun to make. This kit has all you need to get started! 

Orthomolecular science combined with saturated fats & herbs to create a one of a kind skincare line.
My fave is the Revive Body Butter that supports healthy estrogen levels.

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Fun little interview in a local publication that supports small business in Southern CA.

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